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Cumbria’s Independent Land Rover Specialist

Simon Huntington

“My name is Simon Huntington and for generations, my family have been garage owners. In the early 1900s, my Great Grandfather, Joseph Wesley Huntington, established the original family garage, J W Huntington & Son, at Southend, Wigton, selling bicycles, agricultural machinery and then motor vehicles. My grandfather then worked hard to establish the firm as the town’s main garage and left it to my father and uncle to continue running the business.

I was involved with the garage from an early age and while I was studying mechanical Engineering at college, I spent many hours fine-tuning my skills as a mechanic working on and stripping original Series Land Rovers. My passion and enthusiasm for the brand has never wavered and my ambition was always to become an independent Land Rover specialist.

I worked with my father and uncle until they retired and closed the business in 2007. That same year I opened my own garage; Simon Huntington Ltd.

Now based at Station Yard in Wigton, I have remained true to my ambitions. I am still a Land Rover enthusiast and now specialize in all things Land Rover (& Range Rover).

So if you have a Land Rover to service, are looking for remapping, specialist enhancements or want to restore an old model, give me a call.”

Sarah Huntington

“I first met Simon when he was 17. He bought my father’s old Series III Land Rover. Little did I know that I would be here running a Land Rover Specialist business with him all these years later! My work is very much ‘front of house.’ I enjoy meeting our customers and overseeing the office work with Deb. I genuinely love working in the garage environment but my spare time nearly always involves horses!”

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